Saturday, March 25, 2006

Window Control

At my latest work places I have gone under the epithet of "tool man" or "gadget guy". This has somewhat to do with the fact that I hate to use the mouse, and always look for ways of controlling my desktop environment with the keyboard.

One of the major issues when using the keyboard is that it is not easy to move around, resizing or minimizing windows without any serious customization. For this reason I wrote a small application "Window Control", based on AutoHotKey for performing common windows task with easy to remember keyboard shortcuts. The basic idea is that while holding the Windows-key pressed you can move, resize, minimize, maximize, restore, send to back, hide, or focus windows by using the numerical keypad. Window Control divides the screen area into 4 quadrants, so it is recommended to use a large monitor with a screen resolution of at least 1400x1050 to get full benefit from all its features. Give it a test drive and see how you like it!

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