Monday, November 13, 2006 v2.0

I have been knocking my head bloody against v2.0 of for over half a year now. This bugger seems even more diabolic than the first version of the puzzle, which wasn't solved until a few years after its initial publication. Every time I think I have come up with some clever approach how to solve the first stage, but no significant breakthrough so far. I am pretty sure that those curly brackets are a part of getting to the next step... How about a subtle hint, Ryan?

Anyone else out there working on it?


  1. Yes, a few guys from Bulgaria :)
    You can visit our forum
    to see how the problem was solved. Although it is in bulgarian teher are pretty clear pictures. Hope you'll join. Enjoy :)

  2. Nice job!

    From the first time I saw the clue I was convinced that the three instances of "6,2" would translate to "www" to get to a new URL.

    I always equally convinced that the "6,2" on the last row was a part of the word "two" (to get to step #2) and that the "3A 10A" at the end was a port number, since 3A happens to be the ASCII number for ":".

    I always felt it was a nice theory, but...

  3. Thanks :)
    That's a good way to get to know each other! I'm sorry about the language barrier, but if you join the forum I will personally help you out! There are lots of great people, just waiting for the next step..
    About the 6,2 - yes, that was the strong logic thread.

  4. I was no where close to using the periodic table yet. I was still around a Baudot Character Code and trasitions between LSB Like the 0001 in ASCII Codes. Somehow I came up where 1,7 = / which got me thinking he was using ASCII variations again. Thanks for the leg up.