Friday, June 2, 2006

Domain Names

OK, time to return to the blogosphere after my honeyweek with the baby.

I have set up a web site at where all things related to my project will be collected and presented. In the meantime I have put up some basic information together with the project goals. I bought the domain from, and it was a very straightforward process. was actually not my first choice of product/domain name. I was initially having my eyes set on a different name but the .com name was taken. Or rather not taken, but parked, like almost all decent .com domains today. It's pretty frustrating to see that one after the other of all your candidate names are taken, and when you try the more esoteric names you find them taken as well. And then you try the really absurd names, and sure enough, none is available. Not that these domain names are in use, many are just bought by companies who sell them on for much higher prices.

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