Monday, April 23, 2007

RSS Feeds for Web Search

It has happened a number of times that I need to subscribe to an Internet forum in my RSS reader, just to find out that the forum in question doesn't support RSS, or that its support is just not good enough.

Since a lot of fora introduced image authentication for running a search I more or less by default head straight for a Google Web Search now. By using the "site:" argument it is easy to limit the search results to one specific forum. The world would be a better place for a geek like me if web search would offer an RSS feed to enable easy monitoring of new results. But, Google only offers feeds for their blog search and not their normal search.

But! I just found out that rival search engine Microsoft Live Search is offering a splendid feed for all search results and I really like their polished interface as well. This is the first time I am actually impressed with Live Search. Nice work, Microsoft! I'm sure I'll be using Live Search from time to time in the future.

Monday, April 16, 2007

In Memoriam: Izhak Tom Osser (1972-2007)

I had been living for just a few months in Israel the first time I met Izhak. I was studying the language in classes for new immigrants, or ulpanim as they call the schools here. My classmate told me that she knew another Swede living in the same city. I was overly happy to hear my native language being spoken with the same southern accent as mine. Izhak and I quickly struck up a friendship. There were a calm and an optimism around him that were contagious. He always had a smile on his face and he was always willing to help out whenever he could. This is how I will remember him.

He had been living here for a number of years and although his mentality was still to a large part Swedish, he was deeply in love with this country of his. He came here together with his father to pursue a more religious lifestyle than what is possible for a Jew to have in Sweden. He devoted his last living years to God and religious studies. It was obvious to everyone who met him that his faith gave him much strength and happiness. While his father headed back north, Izhak was rooted to the Israeli land, where he remained.

In the end his lungs gave in to his disease and not even his deep faith and optimism could save his life. My thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his wife and parents.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

FeedJournal 3.0 - Planned Features

FeedJournal v3.0 is in the works. This release will contain several substantial improvements:
  • Completely revamped and simplified interface.
  • Embedded images for news articles.
  • Preview issues before publishing.
  • No need to open Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing.
  • Back-issues browser.
  • Toggle to disable specific news sources.
  • Support for feeds in Atom 1.0 format.
  • Improved installation process.
  • and more...
No release date is published yet, but expect a few months down the road for the first public beta. I am listening with both ears to any feature requests or other comments you might have.