Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer is here - "Sommar" is here!

Summer is around the corner as well as season #49 of my favorite radio show from Swedish Radio, "Sommar". Since 1959, each weekday during summers, Swedes are tuning in to listen to this show. Here, more and sometimes less famous people, get an opportunity to tell their story and select their choice of music between segments. The "summer speakers" picks are always a much talked about piece of news and the press conference is broadcast live.

A great tradition; this cultural institution in Swedish society has succeeded in renewing itself over the years. With the Internet boom came web access and a few years ago they added archiving and a podcast format, which is of great benefit for me, living abroad. This year's invention was to invite the public to submit a beginning of a show they would host. Among the submissions, ten candidates have been selected. Now it is up to the public to cast their vote for which candidate to get their own show.

I really like the format of "Sommar", and keep thinking that it would make a great idea for a daily or weekly podcast. I would love to see someone adopt this idea in a global context, not only in Sweden and not only during a few precious summer months.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! It'll be interesting to see how the general public deals with 15 minutes of fame.

    - Kim