Sunday, July 8, 2007

Book Review: Founders at Work

"Founders at Work" is a inspiring book for anyone interested in reading the stories of successful software companies' early days. A lot of well-known companies' founders get to tell their story on how they made it all happen, and how they felt at the time of the start-up.

It is fascinating to learn that so many successful companies struggled in their early days, and that they often didn't know which product to market. Many of the founders tell stories of how they stumbled upon their successful idea after many failed attempts, and that the product which finally took off was just a side project. This is for example true for both Blogger and PayPal, among many more.

"Founders at Work" should be mandatory reading for anyone running a start-up software company or with such aspirations. It is especially interesting to read the founders take on venture capital and company ownership.

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