Wednesday, August 1, 2007

FeedJournal 2.0 Build 185 Released

The last FeedJournal builds contained a mean bug where the database was not found when opening the application from the Start menu or via the Desktop shortcut. Thanks Boris for pointing this out!

FeedJournal displayed an ugly database exception "No such table Issues", which is the first table it tries to access.

The bug is now fixed and there is a fresh build #185 available for download. Click here to download the file. Thank you Adamantium and Henrik Blomgren for kindly providing installation file hosting.

I will soon be going on vacation for a couple of weeks, but the development will continue even if you will notice a temporary hiatus in blog posts. Right now I am focusing on implementing an improved HTML parser for generating even better looking article layouts. And of course, web development continues and I will very soon be able to offer custom RSS newspapers over web services.

You will see it first on this blog, where a PDF newspaper with all the latest blog posts will be free to download. If you are a blogger or any other type of content provider and see yourself in need of such a solution please contact me!

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