Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Google? What's Going On?

Google? What's going on? I used to like you, but lately you've been disappointing me plenty.

I'm not going to regurgitate that the Redmond guys beat you to the live RSS feeds for web searches.

I still feel burned about the way you deleted my iGoogle start page a few months back, and didn't acknowledge the problem until much later. I still can't access my Google Calendar over HTTPS on iGoogle. Google Analytics were non-functional in iGoogle for more than a month, perhaps not surprisingly considering there is not even an official Google Analytics control! But who cares, I've moved on to another start page anyway. Greener pastures.

But what's really annoys me is what's happening with Google Reader. Lately I've been suffering intolerable delays in retrieving my feeds. Pushing the Refresh button does absolutely nothing. Today, more than 18 hours after I published my last blog post on Blogger (also Google-owned) it showed up in Reader. Pffft...

And additionally, for how long will you rely on Stylish hackers to provide search in Reader?

Sure, you say - Google Reader has the Labs tag, which I guess is pre-beta. But still. This is not the way to keep your users

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