Monday, July 9, 2007

Tuning in to The Micro-ISV Show

On my daily commute to and from the office I enjoy listening to podcasts on my iPod. One of my favorite shows is Microsoft/Channel-9 sponsored "The Micro-ISV Show", where Michael Lehman and Bob Walsh interview software developers who run their own businesses with small means, often on a smaller scale. The podcast is a spin-off from Bob's book "Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality", where he describes how to plan, market, host and sell your software.

While the book itself contains plenty of interviews with independent software vendors (ISVs), the audio interviews is a great addition and I always look forward to tuning in to new shows. The interview questions are all relevant and always shed new light on areas where software and business intersect. Some of the many notable shows have featured Eric Sink, Joel Spolsky and Nick Bradbury.

My only criticism is regarding the audio quality. It sounds as if the interviews are being recorded over a regular phone line, with the result of the voice coming out very flat and far from the radio quality many other podcasts offer. It's a big shame that the voice quality is not on par with the show's top-notch content.

Please keep the shows coming!


  1. Jonas - Thanks for the kind word re both the book and the podcast. Audio quality is definitely an issue - we are using land lines for them. Please keep that feedback coming!

  2. Bob - thanks for letting us know that you are aware of the issue, I hope that we will eventually hear improvements in the audio.

    Keep up the excellent work!

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