Sunday, August 26, 2007

FeedJournal 2.0 Build 186 Released

Build 186 of FeedJournal 2.0 has been released. It contains the following changes and bug fixes:
  • Publish button was not working in all configurations.
  • Output folder is now defaulting to My Documents.
  • Warning when attempting to publish an empty newspaper and helpful suggestions how to solve the problem.
  • Changed position of dialog buttons.
Click here to download the file.


  1. Hey Jonas,

    What took you so long? I've been looking for something like Feed Journal 2 years!

    I've been telling my friends that RSS feeds are the newspaper of the future and they look at me like I'm crazy.

    I wrote a paper on this potential about two years ago:


    This application could lead to a custom content (thus targeted advertising) designed newspaper or magazine delivered to your door or electronic viewing device.

    The Newspaper Industry needs a sustainable online platform that will generate advertising revenue that will compliment their off-line business model.

    The model I am proposing to solve this problem is RSS/ATOM Advertising Exchange, or Syndicate Advertising Exchange (SADEX.)

    The SADEX platform consists in the development of three online applications to provide an elegant solution to advertising on the Internet through RSS/ATOM/ATOM feeds.

    The key to this solution is the development of a SADEX protocol in conjunction with RSS/ATOM readers, Web Browser, Bloggers and other types of newsreaders.

    The SADEX protocol is a web application is a clearinghouse for online web Advertising categorized by a set of geographical and economic data. The function of the SADEX is to assign online advertising to RSS/ATOM feeds provided by, Newspapers, Magazines, Blog Houses and other news sources.

    The SADEX applications do the following:


    Attach advertising to RSS/ATOM feeds

    SADEX RSS/ATOM Advertising Exchange

    Collect, Categorize and attach online advertising to RSS/ATOM feeds based on a set of preset criteria such as geographic location, interest, income, age, gender, etc.


    Display and print RSS/ATOM feeds and attached adverts in user friendly formats through existing RSS/ATOM readers, Web Browsers and a SADEX developed news reader.

    Proprietary Advertising format

    In order for SADEX to build and protect its brand a proprietary Advertising File format may be necessary to convert existing Ad files into SADEX files. Strategic partnerships with the likes of current business industry leaders Such as Adobe Acrobat may be pursued.

    The utility of the SADEX application will generate advertising revenue on RSS/ATOM feeds that are currently offered to end users without any direct return on the service.

    The SADEX application will have the ability to track each subscriber of any particular RSS/ATOM feed and attach customized advertising regardless of location.

    For example a subscriber in Los Angeles could subscribe to an RSS/ATOM Feed from “The Guardian News Paper” in the United Kingdom. The SADEX application will recognize the location of the subscriber in L.A. and have the ability to attach local advertising to that RSS/ATOM feed through the SADEX application.

    When this transaction occurs revenue is generated for the “feeder” or provider, in this case “The Guardian Newspaper”. The revenue was supplied by the business, which inserted their advertisement into the SADEX system. The SADEX feeder will receive a small payment for the right to attach the ad to their feed. The SADEX application will act as a focused online advertising tool utilizing RSS/ATOM feeds for Advertisers and a revenue generator for RSS/ATOM Feeders into the SADEX application.

    The implications of a SADEX application, which can provide this kind of service, are enormous.

    This application could lead to a custom content designed newspaper or magazine delivered to your door.

  2. Jonas, the link is 404?

  3. ripoll: Thank you for pointing out the 404, it has been taken care of. The Windows desktop version is currently unavailable, but there is a web service for bloggers who want to publish their content. Soon, the web site will allow anyone to publish their own newspaper, much like the desktop version.