Friday, August 31, 2007

My Interview in Silicon Republic

I was recently interviewed by Ireland's leading tech news service, Silicon Republic, regarding the upcoming launch of FeedJournal's web service. The article is published online (see below) and is well worth a read. It talks about the future of traditional media and my visions for FeedJournal.

Direct link to online article: Bespoke newspapers on the way


  1. I'm curious, is there a ballpark date when you app will become available online?

    I think it is a great idea, and since, unfortunately, the executable version is crashing on two of my PCs where I'd like to use it - I'd appreciate if you can give us some estimate.

  2. Lascar: Thanks for your interest! The web site where readers can define their own newspaper is planned to be online on a few months time. Any announcements will be posted on as well as here.

    I am looking for beta testers so if you are interested I can give you early access to a beta test version, as it becomes available.

  3. I'd love such an opportunity, absolutely. You can contact me at [tellman at gmail dot com]

    BTW, the reason I'm curious about this service is cause I was planning to create my own. I have an experienced XSLT developer (working with various publishing formatting systems) so it might be of some help.