Sunday, September 23, 2007

Simplified Web Service Available

The process of generating sample PDF newspapers from your RSS or Atom feeds is now even simpler. It doesn't  require any setup at all and takes not more than a few seconds!

Initial users of the service complained about the FeedJournal newspaper generation process being too cumbersome. We listened to your feedback and are now re-launching the web service for bloggers and content providers.  The whole process of generating a newspaper cannot be simpler!

Just enter your e-mail address and your RSS/Atom feed and push the button. Wait a few seconds while the newspaper layout is generated and you will be picking up the link to your PDF newspaper in your e-mail inbox in no time.

At the same time, two more advanced web service offerings are being launched, silver and gold membership. These services offer advanced content filtering mechanisms for getting the full content out of your summary feed, custom branding of the newspaper and full control over fonts, paragraph layout, page size whitespace, etc.

To get started with FeedJournal's free basic service or to learn more about the business options head over to


  1. I'm from California so let me say this way:

    DUDE! This is AWESOME!

    Your a Jumpin Genius!


  2. Jonas,

    I noticed that the RSS feeds come into the PDF from Left to Right. Is there a way to change it to Right to Left? Also, noticed that the feeds are sorted by size. Is there a way to sort them chronologically, or by date?


  3. Joel: Thank you for your kind words!

    "Sort by date" sounds like a really good feature - I'll make sure to add it as a setting. It will most likely only be available in the silver and gold service levels though, cause I'd like to keep the free service's interface as simple and uncluttered as possible. If it will look good I'll add it as the default setting.

  4. Joel: Regarding the right-to-left question, I'll add that one too as a setting.