Monday, January 14, 2008

Phrase Finder Completes Your Sentences

How frustrating it can be to have a phrase dangling on the tip of your tongue, unable to find the right way to finish it! I wish there were a search engine that could answer questions like:

  • What is the most common preposition after a specific verb?
  • How do people typically finish a specific phrase?
  • Which words usually lead up to this end of a sentence?

Well, now there is!

I built Phrase Finder where you can enter a part of a phrase and find out what are the most common word combinations before and after that phrase. You can search up to 6 leading words and 6 trailing words after the specified phrase unless the clause or sentence finishes before. To get the results, I parse and analyze the top 1,000 hits from Yahoo Web Search.

As a bonus, it's pretty darn fun to play around with, especially if you're a word geek.



  1. Jonas, I love it!

    I am a work geek, I love writing, one day I'll force you to read something I wrote!



  2. I'm glad it's appreciated, and I'll look forward to reading your writing!

  3. brilliant tool for translators too! Simon

  4. I'm glad you enjoy it - feel free to spread the word! The service is virtually unknown, but I find uses for it almost daily.