Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two .NET/Java Articles Hit the Shelves

Two of my recent articles on .NET/Java interoperability have been published by the software development press.

The first article is "Deploying an ASP.NET AJAX RSS Reader on Linux". Here, I describes the simple steps required to deploy an ASP.NET AJAX application onto an open Java platform, such as Linux. It was published in .NET Developer's Journal and can be read online.

The second article is "Integrate your SharePoint environment into the open standards-based WebSphere Portal platform using the Visual Studio IDE" (try to make that longer!). It discusses .NET/Java interoperability in an enterprise environment where SharePoint and WebSphere Portal co-exist. A solution is given for integrating Microsoft SharePoint sites inside IBM WebSphere Portal. The article was translated into German for dot.net magazin's 6.2008 issue. That translation is to the best of my knowledge not available online. The original English article is available however; both in the Mainsoft Developer Zone and on CodeProject.

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