Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vote for FeedJournal's Future

It is now dead-simple to request and vote for the FeedJournal features you want to see added to future updates. The top requested features can be voted on from both the Reader and Member Services pages. Head over to FeedJournal's UserVoice page to add your own suggestions, cast your vote for what to add next, or just browse around the submitted feature requests. I will make sure to use this input to decide which features get implemented next.


  1. Hi Jonas,

    Increasingly I'm thinking the best commercial application of the FJ would be for large businesses and organizations to centralize information from various feed sources into a newsletter or some other report. Organizing information and generating useful reports automatically from selected sources could be a valuable service.

  2. I do think you're on to something here. You have a missing piece that others aren't on to yet... http://thedirectmarketingvoice.com/2009/01/14/newspapers-vs-online-news-is-there-a-middle-ground/

  3. Luis: that's a great article you wrote - thank you for sharing! I hope that FeedJournal soon can be the newspaper that you envision.