Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sign-Up Closes For Online Chess Match Championships

The sign-up period for the inaugural Online Chess Match Championships is now over. The list of registered players for the two divisions are:

Open Division

Player Rating
ZwaartePaard 1942
Valiantangel 1866
leomalagar 1864
Acho 1861
tseltzer 1850
jonasil 1840
Tensaigg 1759
castleden 1745
SklavinLydia (tentative) 1737
surGeonGG 1660
TonyPrice -
jumong (tentative) -

Under 1600 Division

Player Rating
offtherook 1595
ranban    1576
farbror    1561
jerichob    1530
AHappyLearner    1484
caleblaziken    1456
edwaxx    1413
KasparovsDog    1385
Avie    1021

So, the Open Division will host 10-12 players and the U1600 Division 9.

I was considering different pairing systems for setting up the single-elimination cup brackets, including adopting the system used in the tennis ATP tour. After consulting with FICS user tseltzer, I am instead opting for a Swiss-like cup system where the top seed is not meeting the bottom seed, but instead the top seed from the bottom half.

Pairings will be posted in a couple of days on the Online Chess Match Championships site.

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