Thursday, July 30, 2009

Google Drive Templates For Product Managers

I created two new Google Drive document templates for Product Management work: a Product Requirements Document (PRD) and a Functional Specifications Document (FSD). These are central documents in the product development lifecycle. The requirements document is used for a product's business and marketing requirements, while the specification document further details how those requirements will be implemented in the product.

I'll start to dogfood these templates right away and will make updates along the way as needed. Please let me know if you find them useful or would like to see any changes!


  1. Thank you, I have immediately copied it to my docs, the templates look great. I will use them for my external consulting work.

    However a major note.

    1. PRD usually should be as short as possible for the managers (sometimes C-level) not to fall asleep on the first page. That's why use-cases are high-level (major).

    2. FSD is written out of fine-grained use-cases. That's why this section should be there, and be there as almost central one. At least this is so in our company. So, if 2 engineers argue about some functionality the only thing that resolves their conflict is the use-cases.

    In short: May be it is better to write in PRD "High-level use-cases", and add to FSD "Use-cases" chapter?

  2. I can't access the functional specs